Restaurants in Maidstone

The town of Maidstone is historic and includes some very old and impressive buildings. It is the perfect sightseeing opportunity for tourists, and of course even the residents are proud of their noble old houses. What would make the trip even better is finding top quality restaurants in maidstone. As an urban area with over 100 thousand residents, there are plenty of amenities including an abundance of restaurants.

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The first reason to visit and eat in this borough is the fact that it is close to London but not as expensive as London. Since everywhere around London is pretty heavily settled, a traveler must go some miles before prices and congestion start to become reasonable. Although it is a longer drive to the heart of London, being more on the fringe means that it is possible to find a table faster and the fare is both delicious and affordable. 

There are many different restaurants in Maidstone. There are not as many ethnic or high-ticket restaurants as there would be in London, but there are plenty of locally owned restaurants that serve native cuisine. While the rest of the world has forgotten how to cook with a cast iron pan, traditional English chefs know that it can turn a conventional meat such as pork into a masterpiece. Pork fried with a sweet sauce is just one delicious option.

The English love their eggs, toast, and muffins. There are many ways to serve these dishes, and a local town is a great place to experience the English breakfast first hand. Many other places might see dinner as the prime meal of the day, but local Englishmen truly love their breakfast. They prepare it as a luxury fare the same as any other meal.

Another aspect of English cuisine is a fondness for herbal spices. The entire country has a long history with herb gardens for both spice and medicine, and some locals still see tropical imports such as pepper and cocoa as exotic things. There are many traditional recipes that go back hundreds of years and use all the traditional local herbs. Walk into some restaurants in Maidstone, and it will seem like the menu entirely forgot all about the global trade that emerged in the 19th century.

Another point of English fare is that the locals never forgot a fondness of vegetables. Potatoes might still be food for paupers, but luxury cultivars of many other vegetables exists. Everything from carrots to turnips to Brussels sprouts can be broiled or stir fried. The British love their vegetables because they know how to cook them.